We offer composite bonding here at Briggs Family Dentistry! Bonding is a simple treatment designed to help align and brighten your smile. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, bonding is a faster, less-invasive procedure that repairs your teeth and better protects them from future damage.

Dental bonding is an economical solution, costing less than a dental veneer or crown. Dental bonding is also a safe treatment for you and your smile. Since the procedure does not require significant changes to the teeth, most patients do not even require anesthesia to feel completely at ease during the process.

After receiving your dental bonding, you can immediately go back to your normal daily activities. However, we ask you to stay away from foods and drinks that can stain your teeth for 48 hours after the treatment. You may also experience temporary sensitivity to hot and cold substances. If so, try an over-the-counter pain reliever. Call us if you experience any damage to your bonded teeth or have any additional questions.

To learn more about composite dental bonding in Dubuque, Iowa, contact our office at (563) 557-7560 today and ask about scheduling an appointment with either Dr. Robin Briggs or Dr. Allison Heider.

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