Are you in need of a restoration for damaged or decaying teeth? Our dentists can provide you with dental crowns here at Briggs Family Dentistry! These crowns can be customized to fit perfectly over your teeth and naturally enhance your smile.

The process of receiving a dental crown typically requires multiple visits. First, we will take a dental impression of your smile. Having a dental impression helps us ensure your new crown will fit perfectly into your smile. We will also remove some of the tooth’s surface to make sure there is room for the new crown. Do not worry, we will numb the area during this procedure and keep you comfortable.

While your final crown is being made, you will likely receive a temporary crown to protect your tooth. When you have this temporary crown, avoid gum and sticky foods like caramel, as they can displace your crown. If it does come out, put your crown back into place and contact us so we can re-cement it. When the new crown is ready, we will be ready to perform the last step of the restoration.

When you visit the office for the final part of the process, we will check to see if your new crown fits and then attach it to the tooth. We will also provide you with post-op instructions and answer any questions you have about caring for your crown. Remember to keep up great oral hygiene habits to protect the health of your crown and smile!

If you are interested in receiving dental crowns in Dubuque, Iowa, we welcome you to call (563) 557-7560 today and inquire about meeting with either Dr. Robin Briggs or Dr. Allison Heider.

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