Are you struggling to maintain proper function in your smile? At Briggs Family Dentistry, our dentists can provide you with restorative dentistry to rehabilitate your smile, helping you eat and speak properly again!

Here is a list of restorative dental solutions we offer for common dental problems:

  • If your tooth has a cavity, we provide composite dental fillings that can restore the health of your tooth. The tooth-colored material helps ensure the filling is not visibly detectable, preserving the appearance of your smile.
  • If decay has passed into your tooth pulp, we can perform a root canal treatment to help save the tooth. Using anesthesia and modern dental technology, we can keep you comfortable while you receive root canal therapy.
  • If your tooth has experienced a lot of damage or decay, we offer dental crowns as a replacement for the top of the tooth. Crowns can also cap dental implants if the entire tooth needs to be replaced.
  • If there are multiple teeth missing from your smile, we provide dental bridges, full-arch dental implants and implant-retained dentures as possible treatments. A dental bridge may be the appropriate option if you are only missing a few teeth, but if you have lost a full arch of teeth or your complete smile, full-arch dental implants or implant-retained dentures will likely be the best choice.

To learn more about restorative dentistry in Dubuque, Iowa, contact our office today at (563) 557-7560 and schedule an appointment with either Dr. Robin Briggs or Dr. Allison Heider. We are eager to help you love your smile!

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