If you have lost all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw, our dentists can provide you with full-arch implant replacements. Our dentists may recommended this procedure for patients with missing teeth due to its ability to completely restore your smile!

As a cutting-edge advancement in modern dentistry, a full-arch implant replacement is a restorative treatment that can restore an entire row of teeth with a new set of dental implants and fixed bridges. These dental implants will serve as artificial replacements for your missing teeth and are secured into the jawbone for a sturdier fit. Unlike other forms of dentures, implants are more comfortable and reliable, allowing you to speak and eat normally again without ever slipping loose. Full-arch implants can also stabilize the area of your jaw, preventing bone loss and providing you with a longer-lasting smile.

Before you go home with your new implants, our dentists will make certain that your restorations fit securely and comfortably inside your mouth. If you would like to learn more about how you can receive a full-arch implant replacement in Dubuque, Iowa, we invite you to contact Briggs Family Dentistry at (563) 557-7560 today and schedule an appointment with either Dr. Robin Briggs or Dr. Allison Heider.